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First Party For Bolingbrook Rolls Out Platform Details


Building on the strengths of our past and focusing on our future, the FIRST PARTY FOR BOLINGBROOK is committed to providing fiscally responsible and transparent leadership, strong community involvement, effective communication, and a continued investment in quality of life for all residents of our diverse Community.  Because We Care . . . .

Building on the Strengths and Stability of Our Past and Focusing on the Needs of Our Future, We are . . .

Committed to Protecting the Investment made in Infrastructure that has made Bolingbrook a top-tier suburb (built the Bolingbrook we love)—where we live, work, grow, play, and serve!

The major infrastructure (roads, bridges, and wastewater treatment) that allowed Bolingbrook to change from a small, struggling rural community into the thriving community we enjoy today is in place and will serve us for more than the next 50 years.  We can be compared with the best suburban communities in terms of our investment and return on investment.

  • We are committed to protecting our investment through strong maintenance and beautification programs.
  • We are committed to completing planned road and interchange reconfigurations to ease congestion.

The Weber Road interchange reconfiguration and widening of Weber from I-55 to North of Rodeo is underway and should be completed by 2021.

The round-about at Kings Road and Rodeo Road as well as the widening of Rodeo from Dalton to Kings Road will be done in 2019.

The Kings Road extension from Rodeo north to Hassert is awaiting State funding and should be started in 2019.
We are committed to aggressively pursuing, in cooperation with the Village of Romeoville, the widening of Remington Road from 115th to Weber Road.

  • We are committed to completing the acquisition of the Lake Michigan water pipeline in partnership with the Village of Woodridge, Lemont, Homer Glen, and Romeoville, and ultimately, reducing water rates.

Committed to Fiscal Responsibility and 100% Transparency

  • We are committed to effectively managing residents’ tax dollars and maintaining a low Village portion of the tax bill.

The Village has kept its levy at the same rate for the past two years. The Village portion of the tax bill has been reduced from 22% of the total tax bill to less than 9%.

  • We are committed to pursuing inter-governmental collaboration with the School Districts, Park District, Library Districts, Townships, and Counties to share resources, eliminate duplication and reduce overall expenses to the taxpayer.
  • We are committed to continuously encouraging new business development and shaping Bolingbrook as an attractive place to invest and provide quality jobs (currently 24 corporate headquarters are located in Bolingbrook).
  • We are committed to maintaining a balanced budget and continued strong long-term financial planning.
  • We are committed to insuring a 100% level of transparency (Village received Sunshine Award for Outstanding transparency).

Committed to Positive, Professional and Visible Leadership

  • We are committed to being accessible to our residents.  We publish our personal phone numbers and email addresses and respond to questions/concerns in a timely manner.
  • We are committed to responsible leadership with integrity!
  • We are committed to conducting Village business in a professional manner.
  • We are committed to listening to our residents and allowing them to address the Village Board before decisions are made.
  • We are committed to appointing interested and well-qualified residents to our boards and commissions.
  • We are committed to regularly attending as many community events as possible and remaining visible and supportive of our residents.
  • We are committed to maintaining the small town feel of what is now a large community (76,344 population).
  • We are committed to providing the stability and vision needed to insure a strong future for our growing Village of Bolingbrook (only 53 years old).

Committed to Strengthening Village-Resident Communications

  • We are committed to expanding the Village’s E-Communication System to include Community development and special event announcements.

Road closures, water system breaks, and other emergency alerts are already in place. Residents can visit, select Village Alerts and subscribe to Instant Brook Alerts.

  • We are committed to improving communication efficiency with programs such as Bolingbrook Police Department’s Public Safety Solutions Tool-Kit on (allows residents to electronically submit vacation alerts and overnight parking notifications).
  • We are committed to exploring the availability of advanced technology for such programs as a real-time snow tracker (i.e., Village of Bolingbrook Snow Command Center—view an interactive snow removal map indicating what streets have been salted or plowed, are next in line, etc.).
  • We are committed to expanding Bolingbrook Mobile App features, adding artificial intelligence “chat” features to the Village website, and ensuring that all technology is user-friendly.
  • We are committed to effectively utilizing and continually updating the Village technology, and communicating to residents the availability and use of such technology.
  • We are committed to effectively communicating with residents and government liaisons to ensure that services are maintained and community concerns are addressed in a timely manner.
  • We are committed to pursuing the coordination of a public community calendar that lists all Village, School District, Township, Library, Park, and Chamber events in one location.

Committed to Recognizing and Investing in Our Diversity

  • We are committed to supporting the ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity our Community has become known for.

35+ places of worship for the various religious affiliations
Nearly 70 different languages or dialects spoken by our residents

The wide variety of ethnic celebrations held annually, including Juneteenth, Piyesta Pinoy (Phillippine American Cultural Foundation), El Grito Bolingbrook (CIMA), Taste of Pakistan (Assoc. of Pakistani Americans of Bolingbrook), Day of the Immigrant (SSIP).

An Internationally recognized cricket field

A vibrant Sister City program with partners in Chennoa, India; Sialcot, China; Gindow, China; Brazzeville, Republic of the Congo; and City of Seven Lakes, Philippines.

  • We are committed to providing diverse representation on Village Boards and Commissions .
  • We are committed to supporting the development of diverse ethnic restaurants, grocery stores, retail establishments and services.

Committed to Advancing the Quality of Life for ALL Residents

  • We are committed to reducing water rates by supporting partnerships with neighboring communities within the Northern Will County Water Agency and completing the acquisition of the Lake Michigan water pipeline in conjunction with the Village of Woodridge, Lemont, Homer Glen, and Romeoville, and ultimately, reducing water rates.
  • We are committed to continuously assessing the needs of the community as they relate to police, fire, and public works and working to meet those needs in the most cost-effective manner possible.
  • We are committed to exploring options with our new refuse company for implementation of an affordable refuse/recycling program that meets the needs of both older and newer homes and that will maintain the beauty of our Village.
  • We are committed to continuing Village beautification efforts, a strong property maintenance and code enforcement program, and positive Community marketing to not only maintain, but increase home values (the median home value, according to such real estate sites as Zillow and Trulia, increased between 6 and 8% over the last year).
  • We are committed to continuous monitoring of apartment and multi-level housing complexes and aggressive cleanup/maintenance initiatives (i.e., Riverside and Promenade Apartments have been totally remodeled and now adhere to a strict “no tolerance” policy).
  • We are committed to pursuing vigorous legal processes for landlords who fail to be held accountable and maintain their properties.
  • We are committed to maintaining a variable housing stock from quality apartments and starter homes to luxury homes and 55+ retirement communities, insuring affordability at all levels of income and opportunities to relocate within the Community as income and lifestyle change.
  • We are committed to safeguarding our community through crime reduction programs –community policing, community resource officers in schools, the Citizens’ Police Academy, volunteer community radio watch, graffiti “rapid” response team, crime free multi-housing program, participation in Will County Internet Crime Unit, a technologically advanced crime lab and squad car equipment, and properly equipped and trained police officers, all of which have helped dramatically reduce crime rates in Bolingbrook.
  • We are committed to investing in our youth through partnerships with all six feeder school districts, coordinated efforts with our Township, Library, and Park Districts, and support of all local organizations that benefit, mentor, and serve youth.

Why?   Because We Care . . .

About You, our Community, our Future!



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