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The First Party For Bolingbrook Holds Rally

The First Party For Bolingbrook Holds Rally

The First Party For Bolingbrook held a rally introducing its slate of candidates seeking the office of Village of Bolingbrook Trustee in the April 2019 Consolidated Election. The successful event was held on Monday, February 4 from 5pm-7pm at the grand opening of its Headquarters located at 128 E. Boughton Road in Julian Plaza at Boughton Road and Route 53.

The candidates shared their philosophies and beliefs for the future of Bolingbrook, as well as updates on their campaign activities, with a crowd of several hundred attendees.

“Not having ever run for public office before, I wasn’t sure what to expect,” said candidate Mary Alexander-Basta. “While I have been involved in several different ways in our community, I am inspired by the stories we have heard of why people chose Bolingbrook, what they love about our community, and their ideas to make us a better community.”

Sheldon Watts, who is completing Deputy Mayor Leroy Brown’s term as trustee and seeking his own term, said, “Even though I’ve been involved in serving our community for several years, this effort is very special to me as we look forward to the future of our community. The conversations we have had thus far confirm that we are a special community, and those we have spoken with are committed to keeping Bolingbrook a great place to live.”

Candidate Michael Carpanzano has spent a great deal of time in recent years meeting people where he volunteers with various community non-profit organizations events and with many other fundraising events as a volunteer Master of Ceremonies. “Reaching out as a candidate is quite a different and humbling experience”, notes Carpanzano. “My volunteer activities opened my eyes to the awesome community that Bolingbrook has evolved into over the years, but the individual conversations I have experienced as a candidate have confirmed my initial impressions and made it clear that we have a very bright future to which I am committed to contribute.”

Joining the candidates for the First Party for Bolingbrook were candidates for the Fountaindale Library Board, Bolingbrook Park District, and Valley View School Board. Peggy Danhof, Kathy Spindel, Marcelo Valencia, and Celeste Bermejo are running for the Library Board. Jerry Hix, Al Traczek, and Sue Vastalo are running for the Park District. Steve Quigley, Diane Parro, and James (J.T.) Boudouris are running for the School Board. These candidates are choosing to support each other as they share a similar philosophy of ensuring the residents receive quality services in a cost-efficient manner.

Since the event on November 8 where the First Party for Bolingbrook slate was introduced, the candidates have been meeting fellow residents at their homes and at various events. As they continue their campaign, Watts, Alexander-Basta, and Carpanzano will be focusing on listening to the concerns of village residents, as well as sharing their own specific ideas on building on the success that has been achieved thus far and ensuring a positive future for Bolingbrook in the years to come.

For more information on the slate and to support them through the election on April 2, 2019:

First Party For Bolingbrook

For specific questions or to volunteer with the campaign, please send an email to .

  • Protecting our infrastructure
  • Building Community and home values
  • Holding the line on taxes
  • Advancing technology to improve communications, response times and safety
  • Supporting and celebrating diversity
  • Insuring professionalism, accessibility and visibility
  • Improving the quality of life for ALL residents (including pursuing Illinois American Water litigation, refuse program review, and securing and providing the best professional services)


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